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What is this 'Progress' you speak of? by Flying-Foxx What is this 'Progress' you speak of? by Flying-Foxx
Meant to do something like this for my characters for awhile now. o:
It doesn't date terribly far back. Whenever I do that improvement meme, I'll have to find the oldest of the old of what I started considering "serious art" XDD

I have quite a number of more characters than this, but these are the ones I've spent more time drawing and the ones that I feel better express the way my style has evolved in terms of character design.

#1: Ca c'est moi! I don't consider myself an OC, I just wanted to put those there to see the progress of how I drew myself over the years in different styles.
#2: Foxx started out as a mascot for my username during the early Gaia days. (There were actually other mascots before Foxx that matched up with my previous usernames, but I'll save "The Horrible Evolution of My Mascots/Avatars" for another day. xD )
There was a time during 2009 where I played with the idea of Foxx being a fursona of sorts (as shown with the correlating bat-eared self portrait above it), but when I tried to give Foxx a personality, it branched off into it's own character that acted far too spontaneous to be me. So now Foxx the bat-eared-flying-fox is back to being a mascot for the account, who happens to interact with my other characters every now and then in an OoC manner. And the idea of having a 'fursona' is abandoned. If I want to draw me, it'll be done in my boring human-y self.
#3: Sketch is my oldest (drawn) character. She started out as just "Emocat" in the beginning, but was given the name "Sketch" after her wayward personality was developed. Being a creation made up of graphite, charcoals, and inks, she doesn't technically have a gender. But it seemed more fitting to call her a 'she' rather than an 'it'. (Sometimes Foxx and Freddie will dispute what her gender is supposed to be, but there is no set answer.)
#4: Holy fack, Freddie. Look how far you've come. ;_; I dunno what the hell you were before, but you actually look like a rabbit now!
Freddie's design, I feel, is still gradually being tweaked the more I formulate his cannon backstory. Something will have to be done about those eyes. And I'm really skeptical about him having hair >w>; (But it's like... one of his defining features, so idunnoasdfdlhds)


All characters and their designs belong to :iconflying-foxx:
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AislingPeryton Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Freddie is to die for ;o; holy skittles he's cute <3. Oh and if you're skeptical about him having hair, don't be X3 he could be a lionlop maybe? XD I have two of that adorable breed myself, they're damn adorable. Rina only has a bit of fuzz on the top of her head and that's it, half the time it sticks up and kinda looks like a mohawk XD She's a manly female. Meanwhile Willow has a huge head of flowing hair and is as soft as can be with these cute little eyes.. so many people think he's a she XD

.... >> *debates on posting this or not.. then decides to because it was already typed..* I fling-eth spam at chu >u<
blackentz Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
i really liked your 2011 drawings ;p
Flying-Foxx Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Grazie~! T'was a good year :)
bugsy366 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok, stop. stop it now. you are not allowed to improve anymore!
seriously though, your style has really gotten better. and I love it when you describe their origins and personalities. you should make that comic of them arguing about sketch's gender now plz
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September 17, 2012
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