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September 24, 2013
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Tiny Dragon Warrior by Flying-Foxx Tiny Dragon Warrior by Flying-Foxx
Humans crafted themselves into warriors in order to protect their kin of the creatures that lay beyond the realm of their control. But who was going to protect the creatures from the humans? To think, there were men who made a living from monster-hunting and dragon slaying. How rude.
Someone had to level the playing field, and she was the dragon for the job.
She hunts the hunters; a slayer of dragon slayers. With a dagger on her belt and her trusty bow in hand, she scours the land for those who wreak havoc on the dragon community and brings them to justice. However, being nearly next to useless (although she'll never admit it), she has her man-eating manticore friend to lend more than a helping hand with the hunting. He doesn't seem to mind when she takes credit for the bounty; so long as he gets a good meal at the end of the day, he's perfectly happy.

I'm not sure what I fell in love with more, the concept or the background :iconloveloveplz:
Moar adventure-times with these two? ;O
Kurden713 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013

wow ! it's beautiful ! and the little slayer is sooo cute !! :love:

Moar adventure-times pleaase !! hahaha

Flying-Foxx Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
Thank you~! :)

I'll see to it that there is xD
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